Egypt: Horror trade of human organs, the bodies of children without members, Sinai and Alexandria areas worst threat to life

Egypt: Horror trade of human organs, the bodies of children without members, Sinai and Alexandria areas worst threat to life

A special investigation (citing news companies, organizations and international news sites) supported with pictures of  “Egypt Today News”.
The Sinai Peninsula in Egypt represent the worst black hole snatch lives, Eritreans and Ethiopians and Somalis fleeing from their countries devastated and experiencing all kinds of violence. Those who can not pay for smuggling are used as spare parts they are alive then throw them to die. Such as the three children last was uncovered by accident in the city of Alexandria, Egypt.

In last April 15 along the east coast of Alexandria in Egypt was found nine mutilated bodies and the bodies were Somali nationals, including children, and has been published gruesome images in a video first appeared on the screen “Tv Kalsan” a satellite television channel in the Somali language-based in London – and then on Facebook and YouTube then spread videos that have torn the hearts of the world, and the pictures you can crime determines Abshah committed by traffickers in their bodies traders members of the human beings, covering their bodies sewing, it was reported that the vital organs in the body has been removed and they are alive before you throw them on the beaches of the city of Alexandria, one of the victims and obtained site “Egypt Today News”.

The photos of her and her sons citizenship Ethiopian Turn Hassan enemy “Adar Hassan Addawe” and Waoladha both: Abu Bakar Abdul Karim, only 3 months, a “Abdul Karim two years, and another son has seven years old, was the discovery of their bodies, and investigations revealed that they were not are able to pay for smuggled to access funds to Egypt, and was harvested members of their bodies they pay a price to escape from death to death.

This alone it is also by the site “Egypt Today News” from publishing investigations with citizen Artera was working in the field of smuggling Almhajrien illegitimate to Italy, it has admitted that it could not pay was to be sent to the Egyptians to kill him and take the human members and send the price of the trip for us (You may see a repentant tells the story: it was not to be sold to pay Mbaraan for killing and selling members of his body).

Many families desperate, mostly from Eritrea, Somalia and Ethiopia, who paid thousands of dollars to get to Egypt as a stop definitively or station then comes to flee to Israel or Libya before embarking on a cross into Italy or escape to Atalia directly from Alexandria .fbmejrd beaches to begin the journey to be Mahvoukh risks, and the most dangerous is that if you did not complete the payment of money to sell you are the criminal gangs in Egypt, especially in the Sinai Peninsula and tidal Alexandria.

In January 2011, we are all one organization and the Italian non-governmental organizations, denounced the plight of the 250 detainees from African refugees in Sinai, and revealed that four of them were taken confidentially to the clinics where they were removing the kidneys of their bodies. ” Only those who pay the money due to the presence of relatives in Egypt are freed.

Which is also confirmed in a statement Hamdi Azizi president of New Generation Foundation for Human Rights operating in the Sinai site CNN US, “that there are several Sourbad bodies by stitching ugly way on the chest, and photographs were taken in the morgue in the Egyptian town of El Arish, -ookd Alzizi- it is extract their organs alive because after death become members of organ transplants by some Egyptian doctors corrupt who are working for the spread of criminal organizations in Egypt for trafficking in human organs process worthless, and place, and they are moved from Cairo to Sinai for the removal of organs and then throw them in the desert. “

All of the above confirms that the human organs trafficking centers and killing lives in Egypt are stationed mostly in the Sinai and in the city Alexandria where frequently the number of immigrants in those areas, either as a stop definitively or to stay a little bit and then escape through the Mediterranean to Italy, or escape to enter Israel.

And human trafficking years in Africa, some of the people from the refugee camps in Sudan was kidnapped, as documented by the UN agency for refugees. Amnesty International has issued a report on many of the kidnappings at the hands of men Rashaida tribes took place in 2011 -2013 in refugee camps in Shagarab, in eastern Sudan. Bedouin tribes scattered, which in many cases, as if it were a commodity is high demand ransom from the family of the kidnapped or sold to other criminal gangs to steal their organs and sell them human.

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