Egypt: Italian tourist died in Cairo and Police states: committed suicide from the 17th floor of the hotel

Egypt: Italian tourist died in Cairo and Police states: committed suicide from the 17th floor of the hotel

Exclusive for The Egypt Today news: yesterday morning a dead Italian tourist in Cairo. The unknown source informed us and also posted photos on site, explaining that the woman’s body had been found by some workers outside the Hotel Conrad, a short walk from Tahrir Square. The victim, according to the source, would 41 years. An reporter for Egypt Today has tried to get closer to the hotel, site of the discovery of the corpse, but it was strictly forbidden to enter.

The woman was wearing white T-shirt with short sleeves and pants blacks and lying on the ground face up, with his legs crossed and arms in a particular position. Hardly compatible with a fall from the balcony. But strangely, the local press talks about suicide. How is it possible????

Yet looking at the pictures and the position of women seems really impossible to speak of a leap of faith. An analysis of the place and very curious that the tourist was able to fall into a precise hole past a network without leaving any trace of blood on the wall. How do you talk about suicide?

After 36 hours of silence on the part of the Egyptian police, the hotel and the local press the one thing that comes out and who would be killed (all newspapers today oddly have the same content and the same title: an Italian woman and it is thrown from a hotel balcony).

By the Foreign Ministry there ‘still silence. It really curious to speak already suicide without the coroner’s report and without actually completing the investigation. But one thing is certain the woman’s body and its location speak for themselves.

Also according to the source the police would take time before to release the information to be able to fix things so as not to create a new case Regeni. Tourism and ‘in deep crisis and this could further aggravate the situation.

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