Italian community in Sharm el-Sheikh organize a memorial cermony for victims of the earthquake Rome

Italian community in Sharm el-Sheikh organize a memorial cermony for victims of the earthquake Rome

Funeral ceremony for the victims of the earthquake that hit central Italy, killing more than 290 people was organized by The Italian community in Sharm el-Sheikh, inside one of the old Italian restaurants commercial market in Sharm el-Sheikh.

Attended the ceremony, UN peacekeepers, and a delegation of Sharm el-Sheikh City Council, and a number of popular leaders in the city, and representatives of the Church and tourism operators and members of the Italian community residing in Sharm El-Sheikh and tourism complex.

Ceremony began with the playing of the Italian and Egyptian national anthems, setting attendance bouquets and light candles and played songs and music.

Wagdy Saad, the Chairman of the eco-tourism, the Arab League, talked about the solidarity of the Egyptian people in all walks of life with the Italian people towards this tragic incident, saying: “We came today to mourn the victims of the earthquake ceremony to express the extent of sorrow and grief felt by the Egyptian people as a result of this incident , stressing the depth of relations between the two countries, and also to send a message tranquility and peace for all the tourists and show the world that the city of Sharm el-Sheikh is safe. “

“Daniel Sentreli”, one of the members of the Italian community in Sharm El-Sheikh said: I live with my wife and children in Sharm el-Sheikh for 14 years, and today I am sending a message of peace from my heart, for all countries of the world, the need for the return of all tourists to Egypt, especially the Sharm el-Sheikh, stressing that the Sharm Sheikh beautiful and charming city.

He said, “Daniel”: I lived in the village, “Amatric” four years of my life, was the earthquake destroyed about 75% of the town “Amatric archaeological” We are here today to stand with our country Italy for the participation of the victims’ families in their sorrows and to collect donations from residents and sent for them.

It is worth mentioning that the earthquake had a magnitude of 6.2 on the Richter scale, struck central Italy on 24 August.

The earthquake occurred at 3:36 local time (01:36 GMT), just 76 kilometers south-east of the city of Perugia at a depth of up to ten kilometers, as announced US Geological Survey (USGS), has seen the village, “Pescara del Tronto” numerous deaths after the other flattened.

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